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ionic foot soak

ionic foot soak

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Ionic Foot Soak
Sometimes we never recover from ailments and injuries because our bodies just don't have enough energy to heal themselves. This is an unfortunate result of the society and world in which we live. Environmental stresses like toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, food processing & preservatives are surrounding and enveloping us creating chronic toxemia, yet, no matter how many supplements we take or good foods we eat, it never seems to be enough.

Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment, water and the food we eat. These chemicals poison the blood and circulate throughout the body, creating a toxic effect which can impact every organ in the body. Because our bodies are not adapted to processing and eliminating most of these chemicals, they accumulate over time causing chronic conditions, allergies and a number of other physical/emotional problems.

Body detoxification is a process of eliminating these harmful toxins from the body. There are many different diets, herbal formulas and programs on the market designed to help you achieve this as well as many books and websites on the topic.

An ionizing foot soak is one such method of detoxification involving the use of a special unit placed in warm water which creates positively and negatively charged ions. The theory is that these ions are then absorbed through the feet into the body attaching themselves to toxic substances and neutralizing them. These toxins are then released through the pores in the feet into the water. As the detoxification process occurs, the water will often change color, indicating which organs and systems have been cleansed:

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