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Health & Lifestyle Analysis
The body is the most incredible piece of machinery that was ever designed.  We can abuse our bodies for many years before it literally begins to “break down” on us. To enjoy vibrant health and vitality all body systems need to be balanced.  When one system becomes unbalanced this has an effect on other systems in the body rather like a domino effect if you like.

Just by filling out a few questionnaires, we will be able to determine what systems are out of balance.  The body is broken down into 9 systems– digestive, intestinal, endocrine, respiratory, urinary, structural, circulatory, nervous, and immune.  Then together we will be able to identify what is causing this imbalance and start to make lifestyle changes to restore balance. In short we go to the “root” cause of the problem and eradicate it. 

This is a rather different approach than Western Medicine where drugs are prescribed to mask the symptoms rather than treating the cause of the problem.  It's rather like having a weed in your garden, unless you pull the weed and its root out of the ground the weed will keep coming back.

Most important to your Health is your attitude and your relationships with other people.

We look forward to seeing you and being able to educate you into enjoying vibrant health and energy.

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