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The Nature of Wellness Healing Center offers the best in Natural Health Care and Maintenance, and is dedicated to the healing process of each individual client.

We are considerate, competent, professional and dedicated to the healing process of each individual client. Our services are discreet and provide prompt attention and confidential handling of each client's information.

The Nature of Wellness Healing Center is committed to operating with care and integrity and we are determined to see that you receive more value than you expected.


BioEnergetic Assessment

BioEnergetic Assessment is an essential first step in creating your individual wellness program.

A non-invasive, computerized method of accessing the energy pathways of the body, the indications from the assessment enable you and your practitioner to determine what treatments and remedies would be appropriate for you.

Diet and Nutritional Coaching

Much of the food consumed in this country is “tampered” with in some way or another to extend shelf life and to make it taste good so that you will keep on buying it.

Many of the foods that are consumed have “additives” in them which we become addicted to. My belief is that obesity is caused by people consuming foods that do not feed the body at a cellular level, and they continue to eat because the hunger mechanisms are never switched off because we are feeding the body the “wrong” kinds of foods.

Health and Lifestyle Balancing

The body is the most incredible piece of machinery that was ever designed.  We can abuse our bodies for many years before it literally begins to “break down” on us.

To enjoy vibrant health and vitality all body systems need to be balanced.  When one system becomes unbalanced this has an effect on other systems in the body rather like a domino effect.

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